What goes on behind the scenes with the Pleasure State Designer? She’s slipped out of anonymity briefly to share with you an insider’s look into how the latest Pleasure State January - June 2015 collection was created.

Describe the collection in three words.

Decadent. Bold. Feminine.

What inspired the collection?

I have always loved F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary style: the vivid clarity of his descriptions stimulate your imagination, leaving you to wonder if you had, in fact, just watched a movie once you had put the book down. I was intrigued to see how Baz Luhrmann’s flamboyent theatricality would bring ‘The Great Gatsby’ to life, in comparison to the world I had created in my mind, as his movies are always visually stunning. I wanted the collection to evoke the same feelings whilst retaining an everyday wearability.

What inspired the colour palette?

We wanted the collection to be feminine yet bold so we selected dusty pinks and icey blues and paired them together with rich deep reds.

Describe the design process.

We were inspired by details in the movie’s costumes and wanted to be able to translate some of that into the collection, from the silhouettes to the fabric choices.

Tell us about the craftsmanship behind the collection.

We are lucky to be able to work with some of the best companies in the industry and we strive to be at the forefront of every facet that goes into producing lingerie. We continuously test and fit all garments to ensure our customers never forfeit silhouette and comfort for style, or vice versa.

How would you describe the Pleasure State women?

She is, over and above everything else, at ease with herself: self-assured and confident. There is nothing more beautiful or striking than a woman with presence. This quality allows her to live her life as far as her imagination can take her.

How do you hope the Pleasure State woman will feel in this collection?

As a brand, we hope that Pleasure State product provides an extension of herself, another dimension that is a reality of her personality and her emotions at that moment. It also forms that hidden foundation upon which she builds her style.

Which style from the collection would you pack for a glamorous getaway and why?

Ultimately, I would pack the whole collection as I am not one to limit myself if I don’t have to, and I could then be sure that I also had something to coordinate with my outfit. If forced to choose one: Couture’s Noel Paige for a Gatsby-esque getaway.

Which beauty/fashion icon can you see lounging in the collection?

When we were creating the collection and collating our inspiration, we thought a lot about the iconic 1920’s dancer and actress, Louise Brooks. Her sleek black bob and confident gaze would be a perfect compliment to the bold decadence of the collection.

How do you imagine the Pleasure State women style her lingerie?

The beauty of Pleasure State is that it enables the Pleasure State woman to be as bold or demure as she chooses. Whether it is concealed beneath her outfit, brazenly styled to be outerwear, or her version of Marilyn Monroe’s Chanel No.5: her only choice would be Pleasure State.