The Pleasure State woman isn’t afraid to take chances. She falls recklessly in and out of love. One love affair that never ends is the one between her and her lingerie. Read on to discover the perfect lingerie for your persona.

Which Valentine’s Day Persona Are You?

The Damsel In Undress

The Damsel In Undress is an enchanting vision of delicate lace, soft sighs and lingering glances. She reclines on her satin sheets fantasising of the endless possibilities waiting to be explored outside. Her fairy tale is only just beginning. Her knight in shining armour arrives to find that she’s slayed the dragon and has already set off in search of her next adventure.

Your Match: White Label Kourtney Leigh

The Lady Is A Vamp

The elusive Lady Is A Vamp is as hypnotising as she is intriguing. She lounges in the shadows of the party draped across a leather armchair with drink in hand. Her subtle charisma exudes from her shimmering fiery red attire and slick of intense lipstick. Men crave her attention. Only the dark antihero - who is drawn to her aura of suspense and piercing stare - awakens her desire.

Your Match: Couture Lolita Winter

The Jetsetting Heiress

Get caught up in the wild pace of the Jetsetting Heiress. She is drawn to all things daring and extravagant; from her taste in men to her exotic silk-printed lingerie. Her glamorous free spirit mesmerises her suitors as she flirts with scandal across the globe. Romance her from the rooftops of Casablanca to the soft sands of The Seychelles.

Your Match: Couture Camelia Rose

The Silent Heroine

No challenge is too great for The Silent Heroine. She strides in confident, effortlessly commanding attention. Whether draped in soft dew-tones or rich black lace, she exudes sexy and feisty courage. Men are dazzled by her daring style and lush curves. They desire to be rescued, ordered and tied down at her whim.

Your Match: VIP Penelope Jane

The Mistaken Ingénue

Fall deep into the wide-eyed gaze of the Mistaken Ingénue. She is drawn to ladylike styling, such as feminine floral satin jacquard and golden floral eyelash lace. She infatuates with her delicate air of innocence, leaving a trail of smitten men in her wake. But don’t be fooled… she sparkles, teases and flirts only to disappear without a trace.

Your Match: White Label August Skye